OneDrive App Reviews

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Wasted money!

I bought 1TB but the upload is stucked forever. Wasted money!

What is this?

I was willing to move from Dropbox to OneDrive but one simple test and nothing works properly(!) Seriously, Microsoft? The app hangs all the time, it takes forever to sync a new empty folder. What are you guy offering here? If you’re looking for a way to keep Apple users away from your services, well… Good job! Otherwise, please fix this and provide us an app that represents the weight of your name.

Nice idea but nearly dysfunctional

Overall * Almost dysfunctional due to sync errors * Sync stops when file names are too long or files names include odd characters. * Account management a pain Advantages + Fast sync (when it works) + Good options for sharing files and folders + Good integration with MS Office 365. You can save directly to your OneDrive. + Shared presentations and text can be viewed online by people you shared them with Disadvantages - App crashes when file names are too long. 250 characters. Sounds like not a lot but happens more easily than you think. - App does not sync files with odd characters in the name, like %#<>/|. What is worse is that you cannot look for these files. As soon as you open the log file the app freezes - For business users the account management is for too complex. My IT hates the app.

A shame for Microsoft

Guys, to make it short: from a company like Microsoft doing great products I expect something at least as functional as dropbox. It’s not even close to “ZERO” in functionality, much less stability. in short: it sucks!

Crashes my iMac

Ever since the latest update, I can no longer let this application run. It completely bogs down my machine. I will uninstall it until a patch is released. I am using 17.3.6389.0415 on Mac OS Version 10.11.4. Terrible, just terrible.

Get it Together Microsoft!

This app keeps crashing my Mac. This is unacceptable Microsoft!

Crash Crash Crash

worked for a while now crashes every time installed…removed…re-installed…no luck

Crashing my machine

Since the last update, i can’t use the application. It blocks all keyboard input to my machine. I am running El Capitan 10.11.5

No longer syncing

Latest update causing it to no longer sync files. The App shows it is syncing but simply freezes and doesn’t sync. Anyone checking this stuff before it gets pushed out?

Not responding!!!

App freezes, had to force quit the app. Installed an older version and will use it until Microsoft fixes the problem. Hope it will not take forever for that to happen!

Latest update crashing

As of today, reinstalled the April 19 version. So far, it no longer hangs and uploads very quickly. Very happy to have it back. I sync between MacBook Pro and Windows phone so it is very useful.


Come on Microsoft get it together! Your latest release of your app is constantly crashing on 10.11.5. Do you test this stuff beforte you release it?

Summed up in one word? Useless.

Application won’t even open. A fatal flaw, in my opinion. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, restarting my macbook (brand new - not an older hardware issue) to no avail. Even at $0.00, OneDrive still somehow manages to be a waste of money.


İt hasn’t been downloaded!! Yüklenmiyor!!

I need it

Everthing work after installation, but after reboot application does not start. After uninstall and install again it works good but when i restart system must do it again… :-(


Non sincronizza più a dovere continuando a crashare in El Capitan! Aggiornare please!

Wil not sync

The only way to sync is to delete the app and then reinstall. Otherwise, it is just GREAT. Thanks MS.

Ah, that brings back memories

Moved my photos to the synced directory, the app keeps showing a dialog that there’s a problem with my account/contact support. However, I’ve been using M$ producs since the 90s, so I just move that dialog into the corner because usually the sync keeps on going unless you dismiss that error dialog. Then the whole thing restarts and of course it can’t be bothered to remember the password, so you have to enter it again. On the plus side it allows pasting the password from clipboard, so I hope I can finish upload in a reasonable time. NB: sometimes the sync stops even if the error dialog isn’t dismissed yet* - in that case you have to restart the app to restart the sync. *You would think this is written about Win95, but nope.


Grade F. Completely usless app. Crashes more than any app I have ever used. Would just as soon write with a stick in the sand than use Word or OneDrive again. Their features are rich, but technically, these apps are undependable. You have been warned.

unbelievably annoying

I am trying to access this through my school’s account. The app opens Microsoft’s login window, with my username in it. Then it sends me to my school’s login window (expected, we have two-way authentication). I authenticate through my schools’, get back to Microsoft’s window, and no matter what I do here I keep being asked about my password. Over and over and over again.

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